About Cocinaughty

I am first and foremost an entertainer, whether it's acting, writing scripts, or creating music, I do it because I love captivating audiences! I began writing raps at the age of 6, and recorded my first song when I turned 11 because I was given a $10 microphone from a family friend. I never really asked my parents for any expensive mics, or programs, or anything like that, they had my brothers and sisters to take care of and I didn't want to put extra stress on them. Because of this, I would sit for hours perfecting my sound with cheap mics and making my own beats. By the age of 15, I had already performed on Truth505 Live, a local hip hop TV channel, and started releasing songs that were getting recognition in the hip hop community. I then went on to create a rap group inspired by Bone Thugs N' Harmony, eyesOFlife, with a high school friend. Our music was successful locally and even earned us some radio play on a station in Las Vegas, Nevada. After we split, I went on to release a mixtape, "Slap the Other Me", which has since been removed from the internet. I just felt like I could do so much better, not only lyrically but quality wise. My fans have listened to me work wonders with my equipment for years but there was only so much I could do and the fact is, nobody wants to play music that sounds unprofessional. After some time had passed, I got in touch with an artist from California by the name of The K.I.D. Heat! After speaking to him for some time, The K.I.D. agreed to be featured on one of my songs, "Never Gonna Leave".  This was really the first step that brought my music to the quality that it's at today. After listening to The K.I.D. Heats verse, I realized that I needed to step my game up, it was a real eye opener! My girlfriend offered to help me buy a new mic and interface. By the time we had the money saved up, I had written 9 more songs and produced 9 more beats. That birthed the creation of my first quality collection of work "Power & Pleasure!" The songs on this album are really kind of everywhere, I just had fun with the music and really wanted to showcase the fact that I can be versatile. Power and Pleasure also lead to my first ever solo shows. Turns out I have a nac for putting on a show. Honestly, performing on stage is one of the funnest things in the world to me. I feel like I can release all this pure, good, natural energy and just have a good time with the crowd! My dream is to one day go on tour!

If you really want to get to know me more, you can just add me on my snap,@Cocinaughty, I'm always posting and communicating with people on there. Well anyway, I'm signing off for now!


but just remember, that I'm..

The One 



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